This page was exported from Braindump2go Exam Dumps Free Download [ ] Export date:Wed May 12 18:41:56 2021 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [March-2021]Free Downloading 300-630 PDF Dumps from Braindump2go[Q30-Q46] --------------------------------------------------- March/2021 Latest Braindump2go 300-630 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 300-630 Real Exam Questions!Question: 30 Which feature should be disabled on a bridge domain when a default gateway for endpoints is on an external device instead of a Cisco ACI bridge domain SVI?A. unicast routingB. ARP floodingC. unknown unicast floodingD. proxy ARP Answer: C Question: 31 An organization expands a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod from two to six pods and must ensure that the control plane scales. What should be configured in the IPN to ensure that BUM traffic is forwarded efficiently across the IPN?A. spine headend replicationB. BIDIR-PIMC. MP-BGPD. MSDPAnswer: B Reference: enter- virtualization/application-centric- infrastructure/white-paper-c11-737855.htmlQuestion: 32 An engineer designers a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod solution hat requires a pair of active-standby firewalls in different pods for external connectivity. How should the firewalls be implemented?A. PBR for routed firewallsB. separate L3Out peerings for routed firewallsC. routed firewall for the default gatewayD. transparent firewallsAnswer: D Reference: virtualization/ pplication-centric- infrastructure/white-paper-c11-739571.htmlQuestion: 33 How is broadcast forwarded in Cisco ACI Multi-Pod after ARP flooding is enabled?A. For the specific bridge domain, all spines forward the broadcast frames to IPN routersB. Broadcast frames are forwarded inside the pod and across the IPN using the multicast address that is associated to the bridge domainC. Within a pod, the ingress leaf switch floods the broadcast frame on all fabric portsD. Ingress replication is used on the spines to forward broadcast frames in the IPN infrastructureAnswer: A Question: 34 An engineer configures a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod for disaster recovery. Which action should be taken for the new nodes to be discoverable by the existing Cisco APICs?A. Enable subinterfaces with dot1q tagging on all links between the IPN routers.B. Configure IGMPv3 on the interfaces of IPN routers that face the Cisco ACI spine.C. Enable DHCP relay on all links that are connected to Cisco ACI spines on IPN devices.D. Configure BGP as the underlay protocol in IPN.Answer: B Question: 35 Which firewall connection allows for the integration of service nodes in transparent mode with a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod setup?A. active-standby mode across podsB. active-active mode per pods for communication between internal endpointsC. active-standby mode per pods for communication between endpoints and external networksD. active-active mode across podsAnswer: A Reference: virtualization/application-centric- in rastructure/white-paper-c11-739571.html (table 1)Question: 36 An engineer configures a new Cisco ACI Multi-Pod setup. Which action should be taken for fabric discovery to b su cessful for the nodes in Pod 2?A. Select the Route Reflector field in Pod PeeringB. Enable the DSCP class-cos translation policy for Layer 3 trafficC. Configure POD 2 Data Plane TEP under the Pod Connection ProfileD. Add the IPN subnet under the Fabric External Routing ProfileAnswer: D Question: 37 An engineer configures a new Cisco ACI Multi-Pod and must set up the link between the spine and the IPN device. Which three actions should be taken to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)A. Enable MP-BGP routingB. Enable BIDIR-PIM protocolC. Enable PIM-SM protocolD. Enable OSPF routingE. Enable IS-IS routingF. Enable DHCP relayAnswer: ABF Question: 38 An organization deploys active-active data centers and active-standby firewalls in each data center. Which action should be taken in a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod to maintain traffic symmetry through the firewalls?A. Enable Endpoint Dataplane LearningB. Disable service node Health TrackingC. Enable Pod ID Aware RedirectionD. Disable Resilient HashingAnswer: B Question: 39 Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer configures a Layer 4 to Layer 7 devi e for an outside routed firewall that is connected to POD-1 inside a Cisco ACI fabric that cons sts of two pods. All traffic from POD-1 or POD- 2 that uses the L3Out should pass through the routed firewall. Which Function Type must be implemented in the service graph for POD-2 to use L3Out?A. GoThroughB. L1C. GoToD. L2Answer: D Question: 40 What is the advantage of implementing an active-active firewall cluster that is stretched across separate pods when anycast services are configured?A. A different MAC/IP combination can be configured for the firewall in each pod.B. The local pod anycast node is preferred by the local spines.C. A cluster can be deployed in transparent mode across pods.D. Local traffic in a pod is load-balanced between the clustered firewalls.Answer: AQuestion: 41 A network engineer configured an active-active firewall cluster that is stretched across separate pods in the Cisco ACI fabric. Which two implementation setups for anycast services are available? (Choose two.)A. Modify the Cisco ACI contract scopeB. Modify the MAC address on the second firewallC. Configure the firewalls behind an EPG subnetD. Deselect No Default SVI Gateway under EPG SubnetE. Deploy a Layer 4 to Layer 7 service graph with PBRAnswer: BC Question: 42 An existing Cisco ACI Multi-Site setup with default fabric settings contains endpoints that communicate with an MTU of 1500. What is the minimum MTU value that must be supported by the ISN to allow control plane endpoint information exchange between sites?A. 9000 B. 1554 C. 9100 D. 1600Answer: C Reference: com/c/en/us/support/docs/cloud-systems-management/application- policy- infrastructure-controller-apic/214270-configure-aci-multi-site-deployment.htmlQuestion: 43 An engineer configures a new Cisco ACI Multi-Site Orchestrator node to join an MSO cluster. Which two components are necessary to ensure that the new node has IP connectivity in this configuration? (Choose two.)A. Cisco ACI spine interfaces that are connected to ISNB. Cisco APICs over the OOB management networkC. existing Cisco ACI Multi-Site Orchestrator nodeD. management IP of ESXi hosts where the controllers are deployedE. OOB interface of ISNAnswer: BC Reference: virtualization/application-centric- infrastructure/white-paper-c11-739609.htmlQuestion: 44 In a Cisco ACI Multi-Site fabric, the Inter-Site BUM Traffic Allow option is enabled in a specific stretched bridge domain. What is used to forward BUM traffic to all endpoints in the same broadcast domain?A. ingress replication on the spines in the source siteB. egress replication on the source leaf switchesC. egress replication on the destination leaf switchesD. ingress replication on the spines in the destination siteAnswer: D Reference: 45 Refer to the exhibit. Which two configuration steps are required in ISN for Cisco ACI Multi-Site setup? (Choose two.)A. Connect Spine2 to ISN routers.B. Configure BIDIR-PIM throughout the ISNC. Increase ISN MTU to support the maximum MTU that is sent by endpointsD. Configure OSPF between spines and ISN routersE. Enable IGMPv3 on ISN routersAnswer: DE Question: 46 An engineer creates the objects that must be deployed at each site in Cisco ACI Multi-Site Orchestrator. Which action should be taken before the schema can be associated with the newly configured site?A. Attach the templates to the newly configured siteB. Configure a provider for the Cisco ACI Multi-Site OrchestratorC. Import existing policies from an existing tenant to Cisco ACI Mu ti-Site OrchestratorD. 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