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Vendor: MicrosoftExam Code: 70-469Exam Name: Recertification for MCSE: Data PlatformKeywords: 70-469 Exam Dumps,70-469 Practice Tests,70-469 Practice Exams,70-469 Exam Questions,70-469 PDF,70-469 VCE Free,70-469 Book,70-469 E-Book,70-469 Study Guide,70-469 Braindump,70-469 Prep Guide QUESTION 241You plan to create a new table that has the following requirements:- Uses a GUID data type as the primary key.- Uses a clustered index as the primary key.- Minimizes fragmentation.You need to recommend which option to include in the CREATE statement.Which option should you include? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer. A.    NEWIDB.    @@IDENTITYC.    NEWSEQUENTIALIDD.    IDENTITY Answer: C QUESTION 242You have a SQL Server 2012 instance named SQLInstance1. Instance1 contains a database named Database1.You need to recommend an index defragmentation solution for an index named ContentIndex. ContentIndex must meet the following requirements:- Remain online during the defragmentation.- Update distribution statistics.- Perform defragmentation as quickly as possible.Which type of index defragmentation solution should you include in the recommendation? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer. A.    DBCC DBREINDEXB.    REORGANIZEC.    REBUILDD.    DBCC INDEXDEFRAG Answer: B QUESTION 243You have a SQL Azure database.You need to identify which keyword must be used to create a view that will be indexed.Which keyword should you identify? A.    SCHEMABINDINGB.    VIEW_METADATAC.    DISTINCTD.    DEFAULT Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 244You have a SQL Server 2012 database named Database1. Database1 contains a table named OrderDetails.For a given sales order, you need to retrieve the OrderID, Quantity, and LineTotal columns for all of the items in the OrderDetails table. The solution must ensure that the results can be joined to other tables.Which code segment should you execute?  A.    Option AB.    Option BC.    Option CD.    Option D Answer: A QUESTION 245You create a view by using the following code: Several months after you create the view, users report that the view has started to return unexpected results.You discover that the design of Table2 was modified since you created the view.You need to ensure that the view returns the correct results.Which code segment should you run?  A.    Option AB.    Option BC.    Option CD.    Option D Answer: D QUESTION 246Drag and Drop QuestionsYou are planning two stored procedures named SProc1 and SProc2.You identify the following requirements:- SProc1 must return a table.- SProc2 must return a scalar value.You need to identify which option must be implemented for each stored procedure to return the desired data.Which options should you identify? To answer, drag the appropriate option to the correct requirement in the answer area. (Answer choices may be used once, more than once, or not at all.) Answer:   QUESTION 247Your company has a main office in London and a branch office in New York.Your network contains a server named Server5 that has SQL Server 2012 installed. Server5 contains a database name ContentDB and a table named ContentTable.You add an additional server named Server9 that runs SQL Server 2012.You need to create a distributed partitioned view. The solution must minimize the amount of network traffic.What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.) A.    Create the view on Server5.B.    Add Server9 as a linked server.C.    Create the view on Server9.D.    Add the Customers table to Server9.E.    Add Server9 as a Distributor.F.    Remove the Customers table from Server5. Answer: ABCD QUESTION 248You need to encapsulate a T-SQL script into a reusable user-defined object.The object must meet the following requirements:- Permit insertions into a table variable.- Support structured exception handling.- Prevent changes to the definition of referenced objects.- Support the use of the APPLY operator on the output of the object.Which type of object should you use? A.    An inline table-valued functionB.    A stored procedureC.    A scalar user-defined functionD.    A multi-statement table-valued function Answer: C QUESTION 249You plan to migrate an instance of SQL Server 2008 to a new installation of SQL Server 2012.You need to migrate alerts and e-mail notifications.Which system stored procedures should you use? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.) A.    sp_syspolicy_create_jobB.    sp_add_operatorC.    sp_audit_writeD.    sp_add_alert Answer: BCExplanation:B: sp_add_operatorCreates an operator (notification recipient) for use with alerts and jobs.C: sp_audit_writeAdds a user-defined audit event to the USER_DEFINED_AUDIT_GROUP. If USER_DEFINED_AUDIT_GROUP is not enabled, sp_audit_write is ignored. QUESTION 250You have a Microsoft SQL Azure database that contains a table named Customers.You have a table-valued function named TopCustomers that returns a list of all the customers that have purchased items during the last 12 months. The ID of the customer is passed as an argument to the TopCustomers function.You need to create a query that returns a list of all the Customer names and the purchase dates.The solution must return only customers that have purchased an item during the last 12 months.What should you add to the query? A.    OUTER JOINB.    CROSS JOINC.    CROSS APPLYD.    OUTER APPLY Answer: C Braindump2go New Released Premium 70-469 Exam Dumps Guarantee You a 100% Exam Success Or We Promise Full Money Back! Download Microsoft 70-469 Exam Dumps Full Version From Braindump2go Instantly! --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2015-06-11 01:48:01 Post date GMT: 2015-06-11 01:48:01 Post modified date: 2015-06-11 01:48:01 Post modified date GMT: 2015-06-11 01:48:01 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from