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Vendor: MicrosoftExam Code: 70-469Exam Name: Recertification for MCSE: Data PlatformKeywords: 70-469 Exam Dumps,70-469 Practice Tests,70-469 Practice Exams,70-469 Exam Questions,70-469 PDF,70-469 VCE Free,70-469 Book,70-469 E-Book,70-469 Study Guide,70-469 Braindump,70-469 Prep Guide QUESTION 261You have a Microsoft SQL Azure database that contains a table named Employees. You create a non-clustered index named EmployeeName on the name column. You write the following query to retrieve all of the employees that have a name that starts with the letters JOH:You discover that the query performs a table scan.You need to ensure that the query uses EmployeeName.What should you do? A.    Recreate EmployeeName as a unique indexB.    Recreate EmployeeName as a clustered indexC.    Replace LEFT(name,3) = 'JOH' by using name like 'JOH%'D.    Replace LEFT(name,3) = 'JOH' by using substring(name, 1, 3) = 'JOH' Answer: C QUESTION 262You have a SQL Server 2012 database that contains a table named Users. The Users table contains usernames and passwords.You need to ensure that all new records have a password.Which code segment should you use? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.  A.    Option AB.    Option BC.    Option CD.    Option D Answer: D QUESTION 263You have a SQL Server 2012 environment that contains two servers. The servers are configured as shown in the following table. After the failover is complete, a user receives the following error message when connecting toDB1 on Server2:"Msg 916, Level 14, State 1, Line 1The server principal "Account1" is not able to access the database "DB1" under the current security context."You verify that there is a server login for Account1 on Server2.You need to ensure that Account1 can connect to DB1.What should you do? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer. A.    Update the SID for Account1 on DB1.B.    Add Account1 to the db_datareader role.C.    Create a new database user on DB1.D.    Implement Windows authentication. Answer: B QUESTION 264Drag and Drop QuestionsYou have two existing tables, one named COUNTRY and the other named STATES.The tables are defined as follows: You need to set up a rule that every STATE.Country_Abbr must match an existing record in the COUNTRY table.Develop the solution by selecting and arranging the required code blocks in the correct order.You may not need all of the code blocks. Answer:   QUESTION 265Drag and Drop QuestionsYou plan to deploy two stored procedures name USP_1 and USP_2 that read data from a database.Your company identifies the following requirements for each stored procedure:- USP_1 cannot allow dirty reads.- USP_2 must place range locks on the data to ensure read consistency.You need to identify which isolation level you must set for each stored procedure. The solution must minimize the number of locks.Which isolation level should you identify? To answer, drag the appropriate isolation level to the correct stored procedure in the answer area. (Answer choices may be used once, more than once, or not at all.) Answer:   QUESTION 266You use SQL Server 2014 to maintain the data used by applications at your company.You need to run two separate SQL statements.You must guarantee that the following three things happen:1. Either BOTH statements succeed or BOTH statements fail as a batch.2. If an error occurs on the first statement, SQL should not attempt to run the second statement.3. Error information should be returned to the client.What should you do?  A.    Option AB.    Option BC.    Option CD.    Option D Answer: AExplanation:* SET XACT_ABORTWhen SET XACT_ABORT is ON, if a Transact-SQL statement raises a run-time error, the entire transaction is terminated and rolled back. When SET XACT_ABORT is OFF, in some cases only the Transact-SQL statement that raised the error is rolled back and the transaction continues processing. QUESTION 267You have a database that is accessed by 300 concurrent users.You need to log all of the queries that become deadlocked.The solution must meet the following requirements:- Provide a representation of the deadlock in XML format.- Minimize the impact on the server.What should you create? A.    A SQL Server Profiler traceB.    A script that enables trace flagsC.    A SQL Server Agent job that retrieves information from the sys.dm_tran_active_transactions dynamic management viewsD.    A SQL Server Agent job that retrieves information from the sys.dm_tran_session_transactions dynamic management views Answer: AExplanation:Analyze Deadlocks with SQL Server Profiler Use SQL Server Profiler to identify the cause of a deadlock. A deadlock occurs when there is a cyclic dependency between two or more threads, or processes, for some set of resources within SQL Server. Using SQL Server Profiler, you can create a trace that records, replays, and displays deadlock events for analysis. To trace deadlock events, add the Deadlock graph event class to a trace. This event class populates the TextData data column in the trace with XML data about the process and objects that are involved in the deadlock. SQL Server Profiler can extract the XML document to a deadlock XML (.xdl) file which you can view later in SQL Server Management Studio. QUESTION 268You have the following query on a disk-based table: You discover that the query takes a long time to complete.The execution plan is shown in the Execution Plan exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.) The index usage is show in the Index Usage exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)You need to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the query. You must achieve this goal as quickly as possible.What should you do? A.    Reorganize the index.B.    Update statistics.C.    Create an index on LastName.D.    Rebuild the index. Answer: C QUESTION 269Drag and Drop QuestionsYou are a SQL Server 2014 Developer. A database that you work on contains two tables that are defined as follows: Product is an important table that has sensitive audit requirements.You need to create a trigger that supports the following requirements:1. Every row that is inserted or updated in Product will reflect its actual LastUpdatedDate and LastUpdatedBy values in the Product table.2. Any row that is updated or deleted must write a new record reflecting the OLD values into the ProductAudit table.3. Any error that occurs during the course of the trigger's execution must prevent the changes from happening.Develop the solution by selecting and arranging the required code blocks in the correct order.You may not need all of the code blocks. Answer:   QUESTION 270Drag and Drop QuestionsYou administer a SQL Server 2014 instance.The server is capable of 10000 IO/second (IOPS). During the time period when the second process executes, the disk IO can reach 7000 IOPS, and CPU use can average 30% over the eight processors.The first process summarizes the day's activity executed by a login of [SummaryReportLogin]. The second process submits transactions executed by a login of [ETLLogin].A Resource Governor classifier function has been created to return WG_Low for connections from the [ETLLogin] and [SummaryReportLogin].You need to set up the Resource Group and Workgroup Pools on the instance.You have the following requirements:- Both processes must never use more than 50 percent of the CPU at any one time. - The number of active queries that these processes can execute simultaneously should be limited to a maximum of 10.- The SummaryReportLogin process must always achieve the minimum IOPS required to be minimally affected during executing the ETLLogin processes.Develop the solution by selecting and arranging the required code blocks in the correct order.You may not need all of the code blocks. Answer:   Braindump2go New Released 70-469 Dump PDF Free Download, 292 Questions in all, Passing Your Exam 100% Easily! --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2015-06-11 03:22:14 Post date GMT: 2015-06-11 03:22:14 Post modified date: 2015-06-11 03:22:14 Post modified date GMT: 2015-06-11 03:22:14 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from